Eleuthera – Our third stop in our 1,300 mile sailing adventure…

Last month we shared our experiences in the island of San Salvador, our second stop in our relocation voyage from Puerto Rico to St Petersburg, Florida back in May, 2011.


From San Salvador we sailed west leaving Cat Island to starboard. We arrived at Eleuthera, the third stop in our trip, the next day.


Eleuthera, which comes from Greek and  means “freedom”, is located about 50 miles east of Nassau right between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Bahama Bank. The island is about 110 miles long, but only a bit wider than a mile in its widest section. It has a population of over 10,000 people,  making it the fourth most populated island of The Bahamas.


Eleuthera is divided between North Eleuthera and South Eleuthera. One of the most well-known locations is Harbour Island, known for its pink and white sand beaches. Harbour Island often is called the “Nantucket of the Caribbean”. It is so peaceful here that even the British Royal Family visits on their holidays. Another cool fact about Eleuthera is that rocker Lenny Kravitz has a home on the island, and when in town he may visit one of the local businesses where he may start a jam session!

On this tranquil Bahamian island you can find peaceful anchorages as well as world famous surfing spots such as Surfer’s Beach. Beware…it is so relaxing here that restaurants may keep irregular hours, and may or may not be open despite their posted hours of operation! Now, that’s what I called island time…


We stopped at Davis Harbour Marina in Cotton Bay to top off our diesel, water and ice and to explore the island. The people were so friendly and willing to help we wished we could have stayed longer.


My crew, (Mariano, Rodolfo and Elian) and I became instant friends with Captain Darryl from the Under Dog Diving & Fishing charters fleet. He offered us a ride on his pickup truck to explore the island and even took us to one of his, and other locals, favorite restaurant called Sammy’s Place, where we once again feasted on local Bahamian food consisting of fresh fish, peas and rice, coleslaw, and potato salad with a side of a  few ice cold Kalik beers. Sammy’s Place is located in Rock Sound right behind the Catholic Church.


Back in Davis Harbor Capt Darryl gave us fishing line to fill our only fishing reel onboard. A few days later we had lost all our fishing line after Rodolfo hooked a 400 pound marlin which took all our line before breaking free. From that point on we nicknamed Rodolfo, The Fish Whisperer.


After a few sundowners with our new Bahamian friends we continued on to Deals Point where we anchored and then snorkeled, swam, grilled some chicken burgers, ate and took a nap before starting our night crossing towards our next stop: Nassau/Paradise Island.


Our time in The Bahamas was short and at this point in our busy lives all we can do is dream about our prompt return…next time we will explore Paradise Island/Nassau, the fourth stop in our 1,300 mile/14 day adventure of a lifetime…till then Fair Winds!


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