Intro to Rums of the Caribbean…

Hola Amig@s!!!

Rum and I got so close during my 2004 to 2011 stay in Puerto Rico, and the following years when we moved back to Florida, that in December of 2014, Gary E. Brown, my friend and  Editor at All At Sea magazine, published part of our story. Gary introduce us like this:

RUM! No other drink outdoes it as the sailors tipple. And I admit that I like a drop of rum myself, in fact, I have been known to have more than a drop and suffered the consequences. In the days of fighting sail, men of the Royal Navy quaffed rum in large quantities, pint’s of the stuff, neat too, until in 1740 Admiral Edward Vernon realized too many of his sailors were falling out of the rigging and ordered the daily rum ration to be cut with water. Vernon was fond of wearing a cloak of grogram cloth and was nicknamed Old Grogram or Old Grog. I imagine that Vernon had to put up with a bit of verbal abuse from the sailors after cutting their rum with water and that more than one needed something stronger than the admiral’s watery ‘grog’ after tasting the cat-o-nine-tails. On page 44, rum aficionado Tony Miró lists his Top Ten Caribbean Rums … water is optional.”

I use the main photo from the editorial as my profile photo on my personal Facebook account often, because it is a great example of the bond between the sailing lifestyle and the pursuit of RUM!. You can read the entire story, and even download the entire magazine’s  PDF here:

Please let me know if you have any questions of would like some recommendations.


Capt Tony

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