New RUM distillery opened in Tampa Bay, FL

We at are extremely excited and proud of Sam and his crew for giving us the first Rum Distillery in the Tampa Bay Area!!!

GASPAR’S RUM by Tampa Bay Rum Company,

For those of you who could not attend the grand opening yesterday, at their facilities located at 2104 E 4th Avenue in Tampa, here is a recap of the events…but gotta tell you, you missed some FINE RUM  tasting in the company of pirates and friends alike!!!

We were greeted by two hosts who offered you a choice of a black shot glass or a snifter glass, to keep, both engraved with Gaspar’s Rum logo. From there you were invited to their new bar area where very friendly and knowledgeable bar tenders poured your choice of one of two Gaspar’s Rums for you to taste:

Gaspar’s Spiced Rum or Gaspar’s Coconut Rum

Everything at Tampa Bay Rum Company is first class, from the RUMs themselves to the bottles, the labels design, the facilities and the rum making equipment…great job!

Next was the distillery tour by the owner Sam who gave a RUM 101 orientation and a walking tour of the facilities.

The tour was followed by some amazing food, including some amazing RUM BALLS, made with Gaspar’s Spiced Rum and more RUM samples!!!

We at want to wish Sam and his crew lost of success in the coming years!

Please drink responsibly amig@s…

Capt Tony

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