Puerto Rican Pitorro / Ron Caña / Cañita

Hola! Amig@s!!! I am very excited…my wife went to Puerto Rico to visit family and it looks like she is getting into this Rum Adventures thing! She brought back two, not one, but two bottles of Puerto Rican Pitorro!!!

Pitorro is Puerto Rican homemade RUM, known as moonshine, in English. Pitorro is made from sugarcane and is normally much stronger than regular RUM or over proof, meaning it is typically more than 80 proof or 40% alcohol per volume. The alcohol levels can be 120 proof or more!

“Throughout my life I have tried many varieties and flavors of Pitorro, also called Ron Caña or simply Cañita.”

Some of my relatives and friends purchase the plain distilled alcohol and “cure” it with the fruit of their preference. After adding the fruit they bury the container for some time and let it cure / age.

“The final product is delicious, sometimes tasting like a good brandy.”

I have tried Pitorro in the following flavors: tamarind, guava, kiwi, raisins, mango, quenepa, pineapple, coconut, grapes, strawberry and prunes. I am pretty sure there are many other flavors of Pitorro produced on the island.

“I do not have a favorite because each flavor is an artisan’s masterpiece.”

Pitorro is normally illegal due to its high alcohol content. The government does not make any money in taxes on the sale of Pitorro since it is normally bought in hiding through friends, relatives and other “connections”.

So, the government got smart and decided to allow the creation, bottling and distribution of lower alcohol content Pitorro and now companies such as Coqui Distillery, located in Mayaguez (in western Puerto Rico) are distilling and bottling their own recipes for legal commercial sales.

Coquí Distillery was founded in 2006. They managed to patent the Pitorro brand in 2009 and obtained the third license, in a hundred years, to distill RUM in Puerto Rico. In November 2011, Coquí Distillery began distributing Pitorro on a large scale. They currently process 500 cases of Pitorro per day. They produce seven flavors, such as: white/plain, tropical fruits, pineapple, strawberry, coconut, passion fruit and tamarind.  They officially inaugurated a new phase of expansion in 2014 and launched a new product called: Ron Coquí.

As always, please drink responsibly…


– Capt Tony




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