RUM Mixers…


Hola Amig@s! RUM is great! It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or with a well diverse group of mixers. No other spirit is so versatile, in my opinion.

I enjoy the RUMs on my top 20 list either neat or on the rocks, all others I give them a chance or two and if they are not meant to be sipped solo then I try them with my favorite MIXERDiet Coke with a splash of lime.

Of the 209 different Rums I have tried as of today I have had RUM and DIET COKE or Cuba Libres with about 195 of them. Basically, all RUMs except the fruit-flavored RUMs

I must admit that most of the RUMs I have mixed with Diet Coke and lime make a mean Cuba Libre…with very few exceptions…

Based on my experiences and what I like, these are some of the combinations of RUMs, based on type and the MIXERs I like with them.

We want to hear from you. Please send us some examples of RUMs you like and the MIXERs you like to use with them.


Please drink responsibly!

Capt Tony

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